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Ultimate Filter Series: Combined Softener & Chemical Removal Filter

Combines the functions of a water softener with a chemical filter.

Provides water softening by removing water hardness and clear water iron with a chemical filter to eliminate volatile organic compounds.

Fine mesh softening resin removes the clear water iron up to 10 ppm. This fine mesh bed eliminates iron staining and also removes the water hardness to 30,000 grains.

Chemical removal filter bed removes the volatile and organic chemicals from the water, providing safe and clean water.


  • Fully programmable electronic control valve
  • 12-volt transformer that minimizes power consumption (less than $3.00 per year)
  • Raises pH from 5.5 to neutral eliminating acidic water
  • The system regenerates with softener salt to clean the softener bed.
  • Softener removes 30,000 grains of hardness per regeneration cycle
  • 10 year warranty





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