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Ultimate Filter Series: Combined Softener & Tannin Filtration System

Combines the functions of a water softener with a tannin filter.

Provides water softening by removing water hardness and clear water iron with a tannin filter to remove Humic and Fulvic acids (large molecular weight organics which impart a brown/yellow tint to water and strange flavours and odours).


  • Fully programmable electronic control valve
  • 12-volt transformer that minimizes power consumption (less than $3.00 per year)
  • Removes up to 3ppm of organic tannin compounds from your water.
  • The system regenerates with softener salt to clean the tannin filter and softener bed.
  • Softener removes 24,000 grains of hardness per regeneration cycle
  • 10 year warranty



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