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Water Coolers, Dispensers & Accessories

Water Coolers & Dispensers

Considering getting a water cooler for your home or office? Soul Water Plus offers a variety of water coolers including bottleless water coolers which provide great tasting water, cold and hot, and eliminates the cost for replacing water bottles and delivery service.

Bottleless water coolers answers the need for modern, efficient water coolers. Choose from electrical or electronic controls, LCD display, advanced functions such as energy-saver, HOT boost, and more.

Our bottleless water coolers are designed with a large filtration compartment which provides space for either filtration or reverse osmosis. In addition, an internal tank can be used for either ambient or Reverse Osmosis water storage. All models have convenient built in cup dispenser.


We offer many water accessories in-store in order to fulfill all of our customers needs. We have a variety of water coolers available to fit any budget or home decor, allowing you to have ice cold water, room temperature or even boiling water on demand.

We have a variety of stainless steel water bottles available as well as self-dispensing water dishes for your dog or cat.

Canada Ice 6lb Bag
Soda Stream
Dolphin Pump
USB Water Pump
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