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Retail Bottled Water (pick-up or U-Fill)

Retail Bottled Water Service

Pure refreshing Reverse Osmosis, Alkaline and Distilled drinking water is produced on site fresh daily.

Our water provides exceptional quality at the best price.

Water bottles are pre-sanitized and pre-filled for your convenience!

Visit our retail location and taste the difference!


NEW! Alkaline Water: Our newest in-store water option is Alkaline, allowing our customers to come in and refill their water at any time during our hours of operation at a competitive price. Alkaline water has antioxidant properties, cleansing features, benefits to one’s physical appearance such as the overall health of skin, and other help benefits such as lubricating muscles to aid those with arthritis.
Reverse Osmosis: An amazingly pure way to get great-tasting, clean, filtered water. This is by far our favourite type of water to hydrate with and we’ll bet you’ll love it too!
Distilled Water: It’s natural water without all the impurities. So if you’re looking for something clearer than air itself, you’ve got it here!


Sodastream is an eco-friendly way to enjoy the carbonated beverage flavours you love, but in a healthier way.

With fewer calories, carbohydrates and a drastic drop in sodium and sugar, Sodastream is great for those trying to get (or stay) healthy but have the craving for a carbonated treat.

Sodestream can drastically cut the cost from what you would normally spend on carbonated beverages for you and your family.

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